Saturday, November 6

*2010 12-N-12 October Beauties!

The  year is coming to a close on this Quilt Challenge!   I am excited about putting those names in the basket and drawing out a winner!   I am amazed each month at what is submitted because these ladies who are participating are busy ladies!  They are anywhere from nurse, to mother of two children under 5 with one on the way, to a new grandmother who is traveling across country at each opportunity given to see that precious bundle!

I do not have a completed project for this month, but one that is in the works of needing to have been completed!  I know there were more projects completed this month by some of the other quilters, but I did not get those pictures yet. Perhaps you will see them next month!

This is the front of the sweet little quilt.

and the back.. I wish my barbies had had a quilt like this!
Jenny, who has been on bed rest has made good use of her time by working on a "crazy quilt" and also completed a small doll quilt for her daughter.  I am sure Kate is loving her doll quilt.  Good news: She is now allowed to get up and get out a bit.  Thanks for keeping her in prayer.

Have a great month!


  1. I have been enjoying reading your new blog post every day. I was so excited to see this new quilt post today! Thanks for all the compliments on the doll quilt and the prayers and good wishes. I am Very determined to get my last quilts made in time for the drawing... also it will allow me to have the month of December 'off' for all of the Christmas festivities. :)

  2. You are most welcome Jenny! It really is adorable. Can't wait to see your last projects. I have a number I need to turn out in the next week or so myself!

  3. Really adorable quilt! I enjoy seeing these projects each month, Lynnie. I'm hopeful that once we get back to the US, the girls and I will be able to take some quilting classes.

    Sending prayers Jenny's way; I did six weeks of bed rest "potty privileges only" with my first. Glad to hear Jenny is able to get up a bit. :-)


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