Tuesday, November 16

*happy birthday austin!

Today marks the birth of my baby sisters youngest son, Austin! Happy Birthday Austin! Austin is determined, ferocious, committed, a leader, one to see you through, determined (did I say that already?), creative, a fisherman, a hunter and one of my favorite nephews! Today he turns 13 (not 14)!
Here Austin poses with his teacher at the end of the school year 2009.  This is one of my class mates from the graduating class of 1985!

It took this one several years before he was sure about staying with us during the summer.. or rather I should say, it took this one several years before he was sure he wanted to let his momma go home while he stayed at Lynnie's!  He had a rough few days at the beginning of the stay for the first few summers, but no problem any longer!  I am so glad. We always have a blast!

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