Tuesday, November 2

*scare like you care.... not so much

My husband and I both grew up in the south and participated in many wonderful holiday customs and traditions. Many of which we hang many a memory on now as adults. The time that went into custom built Halloween costumes. The annual talk of how we will not eat one single piece of candy until we get home because we may have gotten a piece of candy with a needle in it. (REALLY?) Or possibly we might be given a piece of fruit with a razor blade in it. (REALLY?)  I cannot imagine anything scarier to tell small children who are going out to Trick or Treat on a cool October night. Praise God, we never received any maliciously tampered candies or fruits.  The poisoned candy scare of the 70's and 80's was what motivated our parents to instruct us the way they did.

While I care about these issues on any given Halloween night, I stopped allowing our children to Trick or Treat when Henry was about 3 years old ( I am guessing on the age).  My decision was not based on any scare tactics (whether merited or unmerited), but more so on the concern for their spiritual welfare.  I held fast and strong to this mentality for 6 or so years, not only for Halloween, but Christmas and Easter as well.  I did not want them being involved with "Satan's day", nor confuse Christmas with Santa or Easter with all the cute bunnies and chicks.  While  I was operating in this mode, my intentions we truly to help our children to learn to focus on Christ and not the "distraction" at any given holiday.  Sadly, there were little to no props to use as teaching tools - you know baby chicks are a sign of life, the green grass in the basket represents new life, the eggs... You get the picture.  So our holidays were poorly or lowly celebrated.  My kids were some what odd balls, even within our family. Because their mother was a bit, OK - a lot legalistic and not even realizing it.

This Halloween we had fun carving pumpkins again (for the fourth year or so now).  It was fun. It was not a religious moment - we were NOT worshiping the devil on his big day.  Henry on the other hand, carved a pumpkin that had been lacerated and fought til the end.  He had a blast shopping for candies for the Trick or Treaters who visited our glowing front porch.  Frayja was NOT a fan of this particular evenings events.

Isn't it funny how you can be in the middle of something and just know all the way that you are doing the right thing. You know, you have scripture to back it up. You have read other people's opinions and possibly even twisted some scripture around to back a mindset.  I have several regrets.  My heart was right. God will reward that (I hope).  I regret that others around me may have thought that I was a wacko.  A whacked out, off her rocker, Christian. Something they wished NOT to be.  I also regret that our boys had to be a part of that.   Can't wait 'til Christmas so I can give a Santa Clause present to each of them.  I am already dreaming up what things I can put into our 24 year old sons Easter basket as well as Henry's, who will be 16. Yes, an Easter basket! Today I was talking to a dear friend who planted this idea.   Perhaps a thoughtful note of apology to both of them on how I was a bit off on my thinking regarding certain holidays will be in order as well.  Live and learn...

(PS. Please do not send me an email telling me why I should not participate in Halloween, include Santa and chicks, the Easter Bunny etc on said holidays. I do not want to seem insensitive because that is not me.. I realize that what is a strong conviction for one family may not be for another and that is OK.  I do have to rest also in thinking that during that time it may have been necessary for our family to not participate for a while for a reason that will be revealed when we see Jesus face to face.)


  1. Lynnie,
    The need to speak out on this subject has weighed on me for some time. Your courage to do so encouraged me to go ahead and publish what I had written on this matter since we too had walked through this debate. You have no idea how much your honesty has endeared you to me. :-)

    GREAT pumpkins!!!

  2. Love you too Trina!!

    Julie- Thanks so much. I am glad to have been an encouragement. It feels great being FREE...


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