Thursday, November 11

*making a WORLD of difference

Pampered Chef consultant and dear friend, Jennifer Nix is providing an opportunity for you to do some Christmas shopping which will help benefit the orphan and the widows of this world.  Click on her link below to find out how you can do your shopping, have it delivered to your front door.  November and December can be great money making months for Pampered Chef consultants.  Jennifer is counting on this, as she is giving EVERY single dollar earned from these shows to help aid the widow and orphan.

Click on the title above (which is the name of Jen's blog post explaining her offer to you!)



  1. Thank you Lynette for helping me get the word out, you did a great job...and I love your pictures too. Hope you are enjoying your Deep Covered Baker, so functional and pretty too! Here are some recipes you can use with it, some even in the micro for busy women like us ;) Enjoy!

  2. need I count the ways that I love ARE a priceless treasure!


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