Monday, November 22

*a talking stick?

Henry and I spent the afternoon with four of five siblings that belong to a dear friend of mine.  We really enjoyed that time.  We laughed, we listened and listened.  Henry loved every minute of the action, the excitement coming from each one of them. He was actually amazed that each of them had so much to say.  He wanted to talk himself, I am sure (he IS a talker), but he also wanted to listen to each one of them.

When we got home this is what he said, with a serious but smiling face: "If I had five children, I would have this thing called the talking stick. You can only talk when you have the talking stick and there would be like a two minute limit until you had to pass it along to the next one."  HILARIOUS. He wants to make sure he hears each one of them and for each to know that they are heard.

So tell me, those of you who have five children.. how do you do it? Do you have a "talking stick?"

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