Friday, November 26

*Josiah's quilt joins Elaina's!

You know what this means... I am setting it in..

I was able to get the Boy and His Panda Quilt set in on Saturday and completed the quilting that evening with a bit of work on Sunday as well.  It will now be delivered over to Holly so she can surprise her kiddos with their beds all made up one day soon with matching quilts! I can hardly wait for those pics!

Binding. Check!

Made with love and care. I am really happy to have been a part of this project.  So happy to have made a desire a reality!   May both Josiah and Elaina get many long years use from their special quilts.

The quilts were picked up and Holly, I think suprised them by making up their beds with the quilts and then had them go into their room at some point (or she mentioned doing this at one point).  I love the look on their faces!!!  Again, so glad I was a part of this even more, since seeing their joyful faces!
Go visit HOLLY's blog to see the pics of Josiah and Elaina with their quilts.



  1. Lynnie...what a wonderful quilt!!


  2. Oh, Lynette...they are so beautiful! Loved the pictures of the kids with the quilts and their matching dolls and panda bears. Priceless treasures all the way around!

  3. Yep! They LOVED them! (and love them!)
    Thank you again so much. I cannot sew on a button. God has gifted you with so many talents and abilities that I just don't have. I would be jealous but I am learning that the Potter shapes us each uniquely and I have been shaped differently than you for HIS glory. So I will not be jealous about the ways He didn't shape me! I truly admire your giftings and am so touched that you continue to use them to bless others.
    Thank you.


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