Sunday, November 28

*young quilter

A couple of years ago when our niece came to visit us during her spring break, we made an easy quilt that she could give as a gift to a her teachers' baby. We did a simple turning twenty pattern since Kierstyn wanted to have a huge part in the sewing. Turning Twenty is easy and sewing the long straight lines was quick and simple! We put it together in no time at all. She did a large portion of the piecing herself and I set it in and quilted it.

Here she is back at her home in Florida on the morning she gave the quilt to her teacher who was moving from the area.

Kierstyn signed the back of the quilt and dated it as any good quilter would. 

Although the children in her class had nothing to do with the making of the quilt, Kierstyn decided to have the other children in her class to sign the back of the quilt as a remembrance for her teacher.  Each student surely missed the teacher and the baby greatly.   The baby was as much a part of the class as each student pictured above. 

Kierstyn and I have also made one other quilt that was designed for her dollies.  She will probably get some more sewing in this spring break or this summer when she comes to visit for a while. 

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