Friday, November 19

*soon to be me

My older and wiser sister, Lori, sent this link to me today, check it out! We grew up in Florida's back yard. Our home town is pretty much as close to Flordia as you are going to get. Many of these things in this slide show are familiar to me, some forgotten, some longed for, so despised (mosquito season) but all will become our reality soon!

This picture was taken last WINTER (oh, excuse me, I meant Christmas season). From left to right: me, Bridgette, Daddy, and Lori.  Lori didn't wear her flip flops on this day, but my baby sister Bridgette had hers on. And yes, I took pictures of feet, I am strange like that.  

This one was taken the same day as the previous one.  We were taking some candid family shots.  In this one from left to right: Austin in front, Henry to the left and my daddy in shoes in  the back left.  Picture taken December 26th, 2010.  If you look behind those feet you will see some little red shoes back there, those would belong to the feet of Kierstyn. If her  mother had allowed she would have been out there barefooted as well!

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