Wednesday, November 10

*good morning little boy

When Robby was younger, I would go in each morning to wake him by saying, "Good Morning Little Boy!" I did this long after he was no more a little boy.  Both of our guys are 6 feet tall now and little is not a word that describes them, but they are both still my little boys!  Robby is again over seas with his job, and will be there through Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. We will miss him. Hopefully by the time he returns from this deployment we will all be living in neighboring counties instead of 12 hours apart.  

So what creative things can I send him in a box for Thanksgiving, things that will not perish in a week to two weeks delivery time?  I think I should find some kind of recording device so I can say, in my squeaky little girlie voice, Good morning little boy!  What else?


  1. love it!!! I love how you really try to minister to their inmost being by being such a personal mom and believing in them no matter what. Your a treasure to so many!!

  2. Sad you won't have your "little boy" with you for the holidays! :( But I am rejoicing with you that it wont be long till you are neighbors!!! Yippeee!!!
    BTW, would you be interested in helping me get the word out through your blog? I want to help other mommas get their "little boys" (and girls)

  3. Yes Jen! Yes! I will be writing about this for the post that comes out on tomorrow morn (thanks for asking!)

    (PS. We are supposed to close on the 24 of Nov now - was 22 of October.. issues with survey had to be ironed out..)

  4. Thanks Trina! Your pretty special yourself, ya know!


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