Wednesday, November 3

*how do you eat your oreo?

In case you ever wondered what boys when they hang out together, or at least this is what my boy did! He and his friend Zack have had some fun times over the last few months. They keep saying, "This is probably the last time we are going to get to hang out before the move". Of course, it has yet to be the last time. That will come soon enough.

Both Zack and Henry had enjoyed watching some You Tube video's with this theme that you see in their video and they made their own.  He has yet to edit it, so you get to see the uncut version.   This is what they based their video off of : Balloon Shop.


  1. This is HILARIOUS! I laughed so so so HARD! lol

  2. Glad to start your day off with a giggle or two!

  3. Pretty amazing what two teen boys can get into! I LOVED it!

    Thank you for stopping by to let me know that you are thinking of me, Lynnie. That really touched me. I've basically been really busy trying to get my fall housecleaning done. It is taking me a lot longer than I'd hoped, but I've been trying not to do. Hope to be back in the blogging world in the next week or two.


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