Friday, November 12

*WIP - how many do you have?

A dear friend gifted me with a yummy Moda Wonderland Charm Pack a little over  a year ago.  I did get busy with it shortly after it was given to me, but I sort of hit a brick wall with it.  I have since purchased several prints to use as a border on this little project, but I have not made a final decision yet! When I began sewing with the charms I was still well situated in my sewing room.  We have since packed it up and I do feel a bit uninspired with my sewing at this time.  I did keep this unfinished project out so I could work on it in should time permit.  Time has permitted.. but my creativity seems squelched. Uninspired, that is how I feel.

Yes, that is a cat leg..

 I simply do not understand why they insist on being right in the MIDDLE of my sewing projects.  She just flopped down, front and center!

MoMo for Moda ~ Wonderland
 Perhaps soon we will be settled back into a place we will call home where my spools of tread will live openly and happy; where my fabrics will all boastfully show their beauty laying side by side for my eyes to look over; where my foot will  be busy on the pedal of my sewing machine finishing up a work in progress for some lovely body! Soon.

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