Tuesday, November 30

*rain, rain, go away

Personally rain is my favorite of all weather! When others are balking at the rain whether it be spring, summer, fall or icy winter; I am loving it! My dear husband always tells me it is because I don't have to be out in it.

It has been raining here for two days off an on, making it near impossible for our dane to get outside and frolic. She loves to be outside running free on her new home front. Today marks the second day of no running, no stimulation and very little attention because my attention is on painting, ripping up flooring, mopping, cleaning .. you get the idea!

But she did find an activity, TOILET PAPER DESTRUCTION that tuckered her out.  This is what happens when your puppy doesn't get out for two days, other than potty time.  Today she destroyed: a roll of toilet paper, a cleaning brush, a sandal (frankly I have always hated those sandals - but I did scold her), a flip flop  and a pork femur.  We are hoping for a clear sky tomorrow so we can all get outside for a while!


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