Sunday, November 7

*quilting group

Our quilting date was set last month when all of us lovely ladies were together in September.  The host, Rita, was able to open her home up to us the last Thursday of the month for our October get together.  DRATS.  Our family was to be out of town closing on our home in Florida, so I was going to miss something I get much enjoyment from.  Due to some surprises on the closing we ended up back in North Carolina just in time for the quilting date!

We met at Rita's lovely home. She had only been in this house for 3 months, to look at the house (pictures) you would have never guessed that.  Everything was just beautifully placed and very welcoming. We almost had a full house on this particular meeting, we were only missing just a couple of our dear friends on this day. 

Donna always has some beautiful quilt in a hoop. In fact, I think most of her quilts are finished in many hand quilted stitches instead of machine quilted.  I admire this about her.  

Here Amelia sits and intently listens as Joann shares with her. Joann, if you remember reading a while back, found out she had lung cancer.  She was doing really great, got some clean checks for a short period. However, she was recently told that the cancer was now in her brain.  She had her husband bring her over to be with us for a short while on this day. We were all really glad to see her out.  She had a few funny comments that rolled off of her tongue, many smiles and quiet conversations with a few.  Please keep them in prayer.  

Wendie finished this quilt this past month for a prize she will be giving away at her 50th Wedding Anniversary this December. Maybe I will win it!!!

See.. it looks good on me doesn't it? Hehe.  The pattern name is BQ2, you can find it HERE.  

This is one of the stunning quilts that Francis has recently completed.  She is a-mazing!  Seriously amazing.  Do you see that applique work? We did this quilt as a class project this past year, the lattice quilt. I think this was  kit that Francis ordered from Keepsake Quilting.  It is gorgeous!

What can I say.. they are all simply beautiful.  Inge put the finishing touches on her Midnight Madness quilt this past month as well.  She used the Classic Red Collection to make the delicious quilt.  We were discussing how seasonal this one could be : Christmas, Valentines and of course 4th of July! 

We all do pray that the Lord touches Joann's body and heals her.  We would so dearly love to have her among us in our quilting circle for many years to come, though that is not her current prognosis.  Many things pass our way that we may not understand this  being one of them.  God is Sovereign and He is good all the time. 


  1. Lynnie..what a lovely group you belong to. Prayers offered for your friend. I loved seeing all the quilts...especially that RED one :)


  2. Thanks Gail! I love the red quilt too! Can you believe that Inge did not like the quilt much at all when she was finished piecing it? It wasn't until it was quilted that she started to like it.. shoot.. I LOVE IT!!


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