Tuesday, November 9

*happy birthday skyler!

 Today is my nephew, Skyler's birthday! Happy birthday Skyler!
Skyler is the young man with the green cap on near the middle of the group. 

Here he is shooting at the top of his group in the 4-H Skeet Competition. 

Here Skyler is surrounded by his sisters and brothers. You know you are in the country when there are knives in the kiddie pool filled with water for washing the daily catch.  There were several large knives in this pool, which I know were being used for cleaning the fish.. but I was like .. whoa! This picture was taken at his daddy's house.

Skyler is my youngest sister, Bridgette's, oldest son. Skyler's father lives in Georgia about an hour or so away from Bridgette and Doug.  Skyler has been raised by his mother and Doug (his step father) since just a few months old.  He also went to visit his birth father regularly from the very beginning.   Last year Skyler, feeling torn, decided to go and live with his dad.   Skyler is very blessed in that his parents, although not married get along really well and do their best to provide Skyler with the family connections he needs as he grows.   He really has two great families.  Skyler is a great brother to all of his siblings and I am sure while he is living with his mother he misses his sisters and little brother.

Skyler has learned to be an excellent cook over the last couple of years, so now that he is living with his mother again, he will surprise her with dinner occassionally. Isn't that a sweet young man?  Happy Birthday Skyler, I love you!

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