Wednesday, November 24

*it started with Tippy the Turtle

Since I was a little girl I have always had a deep love for sketching. Do you remember the turtle with the cap that would show up in the TV Guide every few months? Draw Tippy the Turtle and mail it in to see if you have what it takes to be a great artist. I have no idea how many times I drew this turtle, but each time I felt pleased with myself.

Since that time I have continued to paint and draw.  When Robby was young  I spent some time with water colors and made a few pieces of artwork that was frame worthy.  I haven't used water color in years, though I am giving thought to possibly picking it back up in the future.  Currently my favorite art medium would have to be pencils, charcoal and a good quality sketch pad. 

I have also encouraged many a young artist along the way as well.   I have taught a couple of different art appreciation classes with some focused teaching on shading and perception.  I have used both Visual Manna  and Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes with my students.  The book by Mona Brookes helped me improve my drawing skills tremendously.  I would encourage any young adult or adult to pick up this book to work though if you are a budding artist or if you need some improvement in specific areas.   If you are a home schooling teacher you can also get lesson plans from Donna Young's site which will make this book very user friendly for your young artists!

These were not from the classes I offered but rather friends who came to paint.  Mary, Sarah and Henry had a blast on this day.  Plywood, Temper paint, brushes, able bodies and water for cleanup!

Doesn't she look like a pleased artist at the end of a hard days work. She is just taking it all in.

Kara looks as if she is standing at a grand spot, a place that has a magnificent view.   It is her imagination that is magnificent! Kara's love for art has only continued to grow and she is becoming an accomplished artist.

Several of my finished pieces were in frames and not yet packed.  A few of my favorites are still in my sketch book that is no longer sitting out, but packed away for now.  I most enjoy drawing people it seems.   Like anything, my work continued to get better and better with each piece of work.    Sometimes I long to draw, but don't feel quiet or still enough to follow through.  Here are the only two completed drawings that are out for me to share with you.

This particular picture I drew based on an ad in a magazine some years ago.  While I like the shading  in this picture pretty well, the baby's arm is in a very awkward position and even seems out of place.  Since the time I finished the portrait I felt this way, but I printed the scripture and framed it anyway because I love the sweet face.

This is a favorite too.  I actually have a similar drawing to complete for my two adopted daughters, Sarah and Mary. Perhaps before they both leave home to marry I will get them finished and off to their mother for framing. She bought the frames for the drawing about 6 years ago. UGH. Where did the time go?  Shading on this particular drawing  is pretty good, but there is always room for improvement.   
I shall revisit this topic when I unpack my drawing book after the move. I hope you have enjoyed learning something else about me, a hidden talent if  you will.

Oh.. I married an artist too...
Eric drew this about 30 some odd years ago when he first read Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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  1. I didn't know that you were working on an art piece for me.....for years now. Jared sat me down after our Thanksgiving dinner and taught me a few sketching basics. I was kind of a stinker in the beginning as J was teaching me because I kept on putting down everything that I drew that evening. Jared was still a good teacher though and told me to keep on keeping reminded me of when you were my art teacher, and of how much patience you granted to me.

    I am looking forward to pulling the old sketchbooks out now...


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