Friday, November 5

*blast from the past

We had our first showing this past weekend.  The lovely couple who looked at our home stated that they had  high hopes for "this one."  They loved the house and were terrible regretful that our property had a hilly area with a slope.  They are an older couple and desire some flat land.  Henry's response was, "Lets get some dirt!"  I love his opportunistic outlook on things!  He has always been this way.  This reminded me of a story from our life that took place about 5 years ago when he was 10.  So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! 

Fall of 2005 (from my journal)
You know its going to be a good day when- you are ready to leave the house at 8:30AM for your child's 9:00AM piano lesson that is only about 15 minutes away. On this particular morning, like most actually, Henry needed the keys to see if his shoes were in the car (that is mostly where they belong in the closet or in the car, not on the feet). I was still inside getting my purse, a loaf of bread for my dear friend and a few other things. Henry returned from being outside and I asked him, "Do you have the keys?" He answered," Yes."  In the mean time I went off to my room for one last thing.  Henry was now in the truck waiting, so I proceeded to lock the door and get in the truck with my son  (who is just like me). Little did I know, he had brought the keys back in and laid them on the front hall table. Yes, you guessed it! We were locked out! My cell phone was inside along with the house keys and car keys.

Because of the confusion of the whole matter, it was fairly easy to contain my flesh. It was a funny happening actually in retrospect. Well, after checking all the windows (by the way no need to try and break in through our windows) and the doors, we needed another plan. Henry, sensing my frustration, suggested that I just needed to pray. So we did! The Lord blessed our day.

Our plan was to do school anyway! We had missed piano and there was nothing we could do about that. However, we could do school. I had taken a couple of baskets of our curriculum to the HS101 Meeting on Monday night, which were still in the truck!  While Henry read Farmer Boy, I read his History books. After he was finished with the reading we moved on to math. Amazingly, he finished his math in no time only missing a few. We decided at this point we should get out of the truck and move around. His suggestion was for us to run (RUN?) around the front yard a few times. We ended up weeding the flowerbeds, pulling the dead summer veggies from the garden, in addition to some weeding in the vegetable garden areas. We even got some raking done, some branches picked up and cleaned the patio up.

After much hard work (both mental and physical) we needed some lunch. The lunch was inside (the house), but we did have the bread! So, we ate Franziska's bread for lunch. Henry would say throughout the morning things like- I wish we had butter for the bread or I wish we had some socks for our feet. Each time he would say "I wish we had", I would say, "KEYS." It ended up being a very productive day. I do not wish to spend a day like this anytime soon, but we made best of a not so great situation!

In our last 30 minutes of sitting in the truck, Henry said to me, "I bet if you get really, really mad you could lift the garage door and we could go in."  Thank the Lord I did not have to get really, really mad to lift the garage door, Eric arrived home shortly there after and we all went in together!


  1. Love, love, love this story. Now where is my bread? LOL :)

  2. I love this story too! I wish I had started writing all of the Henry stories down sooner!


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