Thursday, November 18

*a season for everything

Ready for the next chapter. This place has been a real haven to our family. Our boys grew up running through those woods. Eric and I put our touches into the house that is on this land and formed it into the home that we now live in.  We must pack our things now and move our home into the house that is awaiting us in Florida.   We have always loved the beauty of our yard here in Fayetteville.

In the winter it occasionally became a ski slope..

January 2010

In the spring it is abundantly full of life waiting to burst forth...

Spring is a delicious (I like that word) time of the year when new life burst forth after a long cold winter.  To sit and listen the birds chirping throughout the morning is such a peaceful activity. 

 By summer everything is in full bloom and the grass is begging to be cut weekly.  The swing in our back yard is often filled with someone along with a feline of course, simply enjoying the finer things in life.

Don't you simply love four seasons? I do!  As you begin to get a bit forlorn about the hot sweaty days of summer, fall meets you around the corner!  Fall itself has to be my favorite of all the seasons here in North Carolina.  Fall, I will miss you terribly..

I do enjoy raking, as it is something my mother and I always did together in my youth. However, as I mentioned here once before this activity has not been my favorite this year!  We usually wait until the end of the season to rake ALL the leaves at once, but since the house is on the market... well it is another story all together!

Enjoying each season as it rises up to meet me, one day at a time!

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