Tuesday, November 16

*lil boy and panda coming along

Sorry Holly, I will be washing it again before I deliver it.  (I suppose Julie thought I made this for her resting pleasure)

You all remember the Lil Girl and Panda Quilt, right? I have been trying to finish up the Little Boy and Panda Quilt for some time now. As I mentioned a few days ago, I have simply been unmotivated or uninspired to attend to the projects that desperately need my attention.   I was able to get myself to the machine over the last few days in order to make some adjustments on a quilt and finish up this dreamy one you see here.

This project started around mid September with me cutting the fabrics for the piecing.  I had the top less the applique parts finished in no time at all.  Then I sort of hit a brick wall, same thing I did with Elaina's (Lil Girl and Panda).  I picked it up yesterday and completed all the applique work this evening. I have no idea why I put it off so long...

This week I will be setting the quilt in and getting it under a shiny new needle so I can get it quilted and ready for binding.   Stand by for a picture of the kiddo's with their quilts! Soon.


  1. Oh my goodness! You have a cat named Julie!!! :-) I love that they are your constant companions.

    Your quilts are so adorable. Wish I had an ounce of your talent!

  2. cats totally crack me up. They live like the world belongs to them :)
    I just absolutely adore the quilts! Josiah is so excited. Won't it be fun to have pictures of the children snuggled under their quilts too?
    Thank you again for these heirloom gifts for our Chinese children. May the always feel loved and safe as they sleep under them.

  3. Yes Julie! Our smallest (is size that is) cat is Julie. Henry named her and while she does not BELONG to any of us.. she claims Henry and myself as her humans. These are our cats: Bentley, Timmmy, Julie, Precious (aka BIG Momma), Munchkin, Ezekiel (aka Zeke). They are our constant companions whether we want them to be or not! LOL.

    And as far as talent goes.. um.. I know you have it there! I have just had a bit more time to work on such things. You my dear are using your talent as a beautiful nurturing mother in these days! Thanks for your compliments.

  4. Holly, I will be delighted to see pics of the kids under their quilts! SO glad you love them and you all are most welcome- really, my pleasure!


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