Tuesday, November 23

*home sweet home

Here is a sneak peek of our new home!  Today we close on our house that is located near the Gulf Coast of Florida.  When we starting looking for a new home for our family in August, Eric and I had a short list of specific things we wanted, some things that would be a bonus and of course we had a budget.

We selected a fantastic real estate agent to help our buying experience be more enjoyable and boy are we glad we had an agent. He has certainly earned every penny he is getting paid on this particular sale.   I think all three of us are still sort of in disbelief that we are...moving? Moving? Um.. moving? Don't get me wrong, we are excited about the move. We couldn't feel more blessed having the Army move us to the area our oldest son moved to just a few years ago. Eric will finish out his military service of 30 years here in just 5 short years.  We always planned, dreamed and talked about moving to Florida when he finished his service in the Army.  Were just here a bit earlier than we thought we would be!

The pool was on the BONUS list.  (check)

The barn was on the BONUS list. (check)

Acreage was on the MUST have list.  6 acres of mature oaks! (check)

The house need to be in a specific price range and have desired square footage plus- MUST fit the budget. (check)  The price was 40K lower than the range of all the other house we looked at and none of them compared to all that this property has to offer.  The house is older and we have some changes to make.  We can change the flooring, lighting fixtures etc in a house but we cannot make an acre of land have more land.  Know what I mean?  We have fallen more and more in love with the property since we first saw it.  


  1. LOVE it! Your list looks much like mine!!! We are kindred spirits! Land is a priority for us as well (pool and barn would be a nice bonus), and I've said those exact words to my husband, "I can pull out carpet, but I can't add land." I love your trees. I have three properties in mind in AL, and all three have at least one tree I'm in love with. :-)

    Sooooo happy for you guys!

  2. God is so amazing!! I am so happy that He has blessed your family with this!! I cant wait to see post of the things you are doing in YOUR new home and the things you are doing on YOUR new land!!!

  3. I really like the house, but I love the pool...and I adore the barn!!!!

    Your Friend,


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